Journey from Arjun Thakur to Digital Arjun

DigitalArjun, yes, this is a well-known name now in Digital Education & Digital Marketing.

Until a couple of years ago he was nothing more than a struggler common man on the streets of Delhi-NCR. He hardly managed to fulfill the minimum requirements of his small family. Those were the days when he was not even able to visit his ailing parents in severe illness due to lack of money & time.

But, now only after a short span of time which is less than a couple of years. Arjun Thakur has completely transformed himself into his 2.0 version i.e. known as DigitalArjun

Today, in this article I am going to throw a light on his transformational journey. Further his goal & what he thinks about a career in Digital Education or Digital Marketing.

It was year 2016 when he came to know about an experienced Digital Marketer known as Digital Deepak. He joined his Group to learn Digital Marketing by paying INR 99/-. Arjun bought some of his Video lessons called 100 Days Blogging Course, Facebook Ads Mastery & Google Ads Mastery etc.

After watching these video lessons partially, Arjun started a blog called in the concluding days of the year 2016. He launched the blog but, after few months he could not continue working on his blog & related projects due to overload of work in his office (a private job). His private job was the only source of income to fulfill his minimum requirements those days. So eventually his blogging was put on a sidewise track leading to hopelessness.

Then, came the month of October, 2019 when Arjun got an email from DigitalDeepak with a Free course of someone called Siddharth Rajsekar wherein he was selling a FREEDOM Business model. Again, a video lessons & went through that too, but partially, & got benefitted in many ways & put it too in cold basket like the earlier ones.

Around two years ago on 25th April, yes, this was the day when I got started on my real journey after joining the 12th batch of Internship Program of DigitalDeepak. This was something through which I was put on a track which led me to touch almost 1 million people’s lives within a short span of time i.e. just around a couple of years now.  

Here, Arjun shares with me how blessed he feels by educating people through his Digital Courses & making them financially secure in their careers.

Here are 3 tips for success by Arjun who says- he has firm belief on his system of success in Digital Education/Digital Marketing.

  1. First & last secret to success is to be ready to change your present version.
  2. Plan your actions following a Macro to Micro steps.
  3. Always be consistent in your efforts… to reach your Goal.
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